Some things to consider

Often the question comes up about whether an organization or business needs a modern, fully functioning website.


Ultimately, NO ONE would mind having a website, if not for the fact that there are often barriers to establishing your on-line presence.   


Websites take time, effort and expense to set up and get going.  For many small businesses, there simply is not enough time or people resources to devote to developing a website. 




Because they have a business to run!  Larger businesses have more of an advantage because they often don’t lack the financial resources for web design, but in some cases, they lack the tech guru’s who are on staff to get the job done.

We don't need one because...

For those who recognize and understand the return they get on their investment in a professional, fully functioning website, this question really does not have to be dwelt on.


For others, the obstacles seem to make the prospect of establishing a highly effective, on-line representation for their business or organization…difficult. 


Let’s consider some… 

Well yes, you can!  There are several web-based, do-it-yourself web hosting companies that tout the ease of being able to build your own website.  Some are better than others.  But there are things to consider:  Even if you go with a premade templated design that is offered, it still takes considerable time and effort attempting to customize it to be “yours.”  The fact is, it will look similar to countless other templated designs people use.  Second, you still need to understand the principles of Search Engine Optimization.  If you do not know how to apply the industry standard techniques, you can spend as much time you want trying to make something look good, but it will never be found on a Google search.

Facebook is a great social media platform that can expose your business or organization to hundreds or thousands of people.  But it is a very limited platform.  Facebook allows you to include a lot of information about your business, and it is great for making quick updates about what is current with your organization.  But in the end, you cannot do ecommerce on Facebook and you don’t have near the space to really aquaint potential clients or customers about what you do.  Facebook is a great tool that drives traffic TO your website, not serve as a replacement.

Costs are a factor.  I happen to be the most affordable professional website designer, period.  But that says little if you don’t realize the return on your investment when hiring a web designer.  The whole reason why you should invest in a website is to GROW your business and make doing business easier!  If you are going to spend any resources in time, effort and finances in developing a website, it must be something more than a decoration.  “Yeah, we have a website” is not enough reason to have one.  It SHOULD work for you!

Soo...consider it and find out if we are right for you!

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