Epic custom website design is not always about looks

Your website has to be more than just a pretty face.  It must provide solutions that have very REAL and tangible effects on your business or organization.  Focusing solely on the way a website looks is only a part of what achieves a successful website experience. A website does little good if it “looks good” but won’t be found by people who don’t know you exist.


Every part of website design has to work collaboratively with the industry standards for Search Engine Optimization.  We pay careful attention to ensure every word, image, and navigation feature is meticulously integrated into the most important thing about your website – being found on search engines.

Custom website design with WordPress

Why WordPress?  WordPress is a powerful content management system that is the backbone of over 40% of websites worldwide.  We use WordPress for website design due to its flexibility in allowing us to create website designs that are unique, one of a kind and are custom made to the needs of our clients – literally from a blank slate.

Another benefit of WordPress is the ease in which updates to content can be made – by anyone.  Even though most clients prefer to leave the heavy lifting of maintaining their website to us, anyone can do it.  We can show you how.  See the Service plans for more information.

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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Gone are the days when you only used a desktop or laptop computer to view the internet.  Mobile devices make up at least 50% of the devices used to access the internet… and it is growing.  The same goes for your website.  In many cases you can expect your website to be viewed half of the time by mobile devices.  In SOME cases, your website will ONLY be viewed on a mobile device.  

I design websites that look as good and function as well on a mobile device as they do on the desktop.  You would not want a website that causes you to loose potential customers, clients and visitors because of a poor mobile experience.

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Methods That go Into Web Design

Our approach is simple & clear

Whether this is your first ever website, or you simply need to update and renovate your online presence to be mobile-friendly, we take simple, easy steps.  We define each step we take together as we collaborate your website needs into a tangible creation.

Our Design Process
"Ken designed our web page with our mission in mind. He incorporated all the requirements needed to enhance our webpage and make it user friendly. We highly recommend his services!"
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