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A Slice of Heaven gets a new website

A Slice of Heaven gets a new website! Soo yummy. Everything. Soo Yummy A Slice of Heaven is an Anchorage-based food vendor who is famously know for their “907 Whoopies.”  You can find their food truck at most of your favorite event gatherings throughout Anchorage.  As a website design studio, we were afflicted with exposure

Website security – A big deal

Is your website secure? Website security – its a big deal! If you have any familiarity with computers, then no doubt you have heard of computer virus or bugs that sometimes plague users.  There are three main computer operating systems in use today. Window, Mac OS and Linux. Of these three, Microsoft Windows is the

Authentic Relationships Int. Gets a Facelift

Authentic Relationships Int. Gets a Facelift Website redesign that keeps up with the changes Authentic Relationships Int. (ARI) is one of our very first clients.  They are a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping people achieve the best possible life through developing true, authentic relationships.   ARI has been around for decades.  After

AK Financial Coaching Gets a New Website

Alaska Financial Coaching gets a new website Congratulations Alaska Financial Coaching Alaska Financial Coaching approached us to build her very first website for a new business venture into personal financial coaching.  She is her own financial success story, some of which you can find out about by going to her website.  She is uniquely equipped

Make your contact form count

Making your website contact form count Contact form – not an afterthought Have you ever visited a website and wanted to make an inquiry or get more information?  Did the website have a contact form?  Did you use it?  Did you get a response back if you did?      Unfortunately, contact forms are often

Should you build your own website?

Should you build your own website? That’s a great question Yes!  Definitely!  By all means!  But…, as long as you can accept limitations. I am a firm believer is doing as much stuff yourself as you can.  However, you need to be able to get a grip on your limitations.  This is important when asking

Helping when life gets challenging

Helping when life gets challenging Uncertainty and clear direction We are two days into Mayoral Order 03 which has officially put Anchorage into “Hunker down” status.  The order requires all non-essential businesses to close their doors for business.  Fortunately, many web design companies, including this one, operates from home.  The only real affect on how

COVID-19 Chaos

COVID-19 CHAOS What an interesting time I don’t know about you, but I think this is the first pandemic we have experienced since HIV came to light back in the 1980’s.  The recent outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) seems to have turned the world upside down.  The situation changes daily across the nation and in

Improved logo for Boat Works of Alaska

A nice looking logo – improved Business logo design Boat Works of Alaska recently contacted us for help with their logo.  They had a nice logo designed by a family member. It worked very well with their website and other types of printed media.  However, they ran into a problem when they needed to use

New website for the Pursuit of Health & Wellness retreats

The Pursuit of Health & Wellness retreats gets their first website! The Pursuit of Health & Wellness retreats are a joint venture between Authentic Relationships Int (ARI). and Kentucky’s Bodies of Empowerment.  ARI is an Alaska based non-profit that is actively working to combat human sex trafficking across the globe.  Bodies of Empowerment is a

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